Zfx cad cam


CAD CAM dentistry is an innovation in dentistry and prosthodontics that first appeared in 1985. Since then, the technology has only advanced, revolutionizing oral medicine for professionals and patients alike. Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are terms describing software that make it possible for oral surgeons and dentists to perform complex procedures faster, more easily and more accurately.

Dr. Emebet Dental clinic is the first and only clinic in Ethiopia to bring this technology to the country. Also the first clinic in Africa to purchase the biggest and most reliable brand on CAD/CAM system, zfx in house, from zimmer biomet Germany.

With the purchase of this Machine, the potential comes with it to make our country a tourism for dentistry and oral medicine. With it’s vast applications in the field, we are beyond thrilled to continue to provide quality and unparalleled services to all our patients, customers and other clinics in the country.

Applications of CAD/CAM


In prosthodontics or artificial tooth production, this technology brings as to new heights we haven’t seen before in the field. All impressions of patient’s oral cavity will now be recorded with a digital intra oral scanner that gives us a 3-D image of all anatomical and physical details. This digital impression then is sent to our laboratory. Cad/cam trained technician then will design the required prosthodontic work with precision and unmatched esthetics. Then the design is sent to the milling machine which fabricates the desired prosthodontics or tooth material in 30 to 45 mins. Before this technology, a prosthodontic work normally takes us 18 days to a month to complete. But this technology trims that time to a matter of minutes. With greater efficiency, better esthetics, better quality and stronger material (zirconia ceramic).


Traditional orthodontic braces have served our patients with malocclusions with astounding results for many years, and they will continue to do so. But with this new technology, we can now produce our own line of Ed Aligners (invisible braces) to serve our customers better. The main concern with patients who require orthodontic treatment has always been the esthetic tolls it takes in the patient’s appearance. That problem is no longer a concern as Ed Aligners are made of clear raisin that will act at retainers of the tooth structure to deliver the required orthodontic outcomes. Ed Aligners produce a more effective result in a significantly less time frame all while being esthetically not demanding. We are proud to be the first and only clinic in the country to provide Ed Aligner therapy.


Implantology is quite easily the most preferred treatment plan for replacement of teeth. With the insertion of titanium implant bodies in the jaw bones to support prosthodontic crowns and bridges, implants have been the most widely used treatment options in recent years. As it’s a surgical procedure, it follows the natural healing time of the human body. Which mean with most implant producers, long periods of healing time are required. Which can come of as an inconvenience to some patients. With cad/cam technology, your implant treatment planning will entirely be done on a digital platform on your 3-D xray. Which then is sent to our laboratory. Our well trained laboratory technicians will provide a surgical guide to our surgeons based on the treatment planning they have received. Surgical guides help surgeons to avoid doing flap surgeries in most cases. Which reduces the healing period tremendously whilst providing a better result.

We have always taken pride in providing the best possible oral medicine and dentistry treatment possible. With this milestone, we will continue to provide outstanding services to our customers even at a greater degree than before. We are committed to excellence and revolutionizing the field of oral medicine in Ethiopia. We hope to continue to meet your expectations.

Dr. Emebet Dental Clinic.